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Dramatically Different

Le Magasin, centre national d’art contemporain, Grenoble,
26 octobre 1997-1er février 1998.

Commissariat général : Yves Aupetitalot.
Commissariat de l’exposition : Éric Troncy.

Le titre de l’exposition est emprunté à une crème de beauté.

Publications :

  • Éric Troncy, Dramatically Different. Le spectateur dans l’exposition, Grenoble, Le Magasin, 1997. [petit livre, 150×105 mm, 32 p.]
  • Dramatically Different, catalogue de l’exposition, Grenoble, Le Magasin, 1997. [215×152 mm, 56 p., 49 photographies couleurs (pas de vues de l’exposition). Contient un entretien entre Éric Troncy, Yves Aupetitalot et Alessandra Galasso]

Fred Wilson : Mining the Museum

Maryland Historical Society, 201 West Monument Street, Baltimore.
3 avril 1992-28 février 1993.

Curators : Lisa Corrin, Assistant Director, Contemporary Museum, and Jennifer Goldsborough, Maryland Historical Society.

 » In a unique partnership, the Contemporary Museum and the Maryland Historical Society sponsored a two-month residency for installation artist Fred Wilson who was known at the time for creating mock museums consisting of reproductions of ethnographical artifacts. In this, his first museum project, Wilson’s working method at the Historical Society was, in effect, to « mine » the institution’s archives, permanent collection, and storage areas, and to present an exhibition of his own devising. In keeping with the Historical Society’s style of exhibition design, Wilson created an installation of the museum’s collection objects that recontextualized over 100 historical artifacts. Through striking juxtapositions, which included slave shackles encased with fine silver, a Ku Klux Klan hood presented in a baby carriage, and Victorian chairs placed around a whipping post, Wilson’s provocative installation raised urgent questions about the museum’s historical representation of African-American and Native-American experiences. Unearthing repressed meanings and untold narratives from Maryland’s visual past, Mining the Museum revealed how the documenting of history and the curating of artifacts could be understood as powerful acts of selection, exclusion, and interpretation, each requiring renewed self-awareness. »
(Source : The Contemporary Museum)

Coquet, lumineux, meublé

Expositions témoins du Frac Midi-Pyrénées au Centre culturel de l’Albigeois
11 juin-9 août 1986
Proposition : Jean-Marc Ferrari
Mise en décor et en texte : Présence Panchounette
Commissaire d’exposition : Brigitte Rambaud
Exposition organisée par le Frac Midi-Pyrénées

Catalogue : Décoration régionale, spécial Frac Midi-Pyrénées
Textes : Dominique Castéran, Jacques Soullilou, Maryelle Lajaunie, Nadine Stemmer
Photographies : François Lagarde.


An Exhibit

Design :  Richard Hamilton, Victor Pasmore, Lawrence Alloway.

An Exhibit 1

— Hatton Gallery, King’s College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 3-19 juin 1957.
— ICA, Londres, 13-24 août 1957.

An Exhibit 2 :

— Hatton Gallery, King’s College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1959.

« I proposed that we might make a show wich would be its own justification: no theme, no subject; not a display of things or idea – pure abstract exhibition.
« The structure consisted of 4 feet x 2 feet 8 inch acrylic panels (three from a standard 8 feet x 4 feet sheet) of various colours and degrees of translucency wich could be distributed at will on a 1 feet 4 inch module with a minimum of visible support. »