Primary Structures

Younger American and British Sculptors

The Jewish Museum, New York,
27 avril-12 juin 1966.
Commissaire : Kinaston McShine

Catalogue :

Primary structure: Younger American and British Sculptors, New York, The Jewish Museum, 1966.


Citation :

« Primary Structures is the first comprehensive exhibition of an important nex group of sculptors. The space of the Jewish Museum provide a unique opportunity for these sculptors to conduct a dialog which up to now has not been possible. »
(Kinaston McShine, « Acknowledgments », in catalogue)
«  […] The generally large scale of the work and its architectural proportions allow the sculpture to dominate the environment. At times the spectator’s space, or the spectator is drawn into the sculptural space. Often the structure acts ambiguously, creating a spatial dislocation for the spectator with complex meaning. »
(Kinaston McShine, « Introduction », in catalogue)